The TXROIP system maximizes resources, optimizes processes, and minimizes the response time of field operations.

The reliability of the public or private services provided by utility companies is increasingly necessary. At the same time that accidents or natural catastrophes compromise the supply, it is essential to have human resources and tools for management, control, and prompt response.

The TXROIP digital communication system is the ideal tool for your needs, because it maximizes resources, optimizes processes, and minimizes the response time of field operations, or in generation plants, collection and treatment stations, transmission lines or distribution of basic and essential services.

The TXROIP system can easily integrate the information from different technologies into a single server. The server receives the information from different sites, which is transmitted through the Gateway. The operation of the TXROIP dispatch console is performed through a touch screen interface, and presents a friendly screen, with icons, symbols and colors, facilitating the viewing of the origin of the calls and the dispatch triggers, as well as facilitating specific settings and adjustments.

The visualization and ease of communicating by voice or data help in the control of the teams in the field and safely ensure the completion or resumption of services in the shortest possible time.

The design of the equipment is modern and takes into account the ergonomic features of the operation centers. The connections to the peripherals are robust and safe. The connections with the peripherals are robust and secure.

Total solution

  • Analog radio, digital radio, and IP telephony
  • Remote management
  • Robust and dedicated console
  • Operates with non-proprietary virtual servers
  • IP Communication
  • Supports multiple radio standards
  • Flexible architecture
  • Radio and telephone interconnection
  • Interconnecting radios
  • Recording

Operational Management

The various equipment that make up the TXROIP communication system are designed and tested for mission critical condition.

The commitment to quality of a multidisciplinary team of technicians, engineers, and programmers, with expertise of more than 25 years working to offer the best answer to your needs, from design to execution.

The TXROIP Remotatec digital communication system solutions are present in large companies in Brazil's energy sector.

System Migration

  • Unifies digital and analog communication systems on the same platform
  • Facilitates migration between technologies
  • Totally expandable
  • 24/7 Support
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