Agility and reliability for your communications

The TXROIP System is a highly efficient tool designed to meet your Mission Critical operations, ensuring the smooth and secure management of your communications. It offers a seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies including radio communications, analog and digital telephony, GPS and video, all in a unified solution.


A scalable system that allows implementation as needed, providing excellent cost effectiveness.


The TXROIP System allows the dispatcher to communicate with the field team instantaneously, besides recording the conversations, visualizing the geographic positioning, and exchanging text messages, allowing the dispatcher a quick response.


It is compatible with the main radiocommunication protocols existing in the market; this is important because it allows the interaction among the several agencies when there is the need to structure a task force.


The touch screen interface of the TXROIP Dispatch System allows easy access to the commands by touching the screen. The icons are intuitive and allow you to organize the call groups as needed. Visual indications of the operations in progress.

Remote Operations

Through the TXROIP GW02 Gateway it is possible to communicate with remote points, as the information travels over the IP network to the operations center.


Access to all records of operations performed or in progress for analysis and strategic planning.

Data Sharing

The TXROIP Dispatch Console has an API/SDK, which allows integration with third-party software, enabling the exchange of information for better management of the communication network.

How does it works?

The TXROIP Dispatch System is based on the client - server concept. The communication is done through the console that presents in an organized way the active and available information in the system, according to the user's privilege. The server controls and stores the information exchanged among the devices that compose the TXROIP system. The gateway enables the integration via IP of remote radios of different technologies.

Protocol Integration

  • AVL
  • GPS
  • NXDN
  • DMR
  • SIP
  • APCO25
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