Ensuring clear and effective communication between the ground team, maintenance, and the onboard team.

The time and quality of information are critical in airline operations. The TXROIP digital communication system is the guarantee of a clear and effective communication between the ground team, maintenance and the onboard team, speeding up processes and reducing the response time and, consequently, the aircraft time on the ground.

The TXROIP Remotatec system is able to support various communication protocols with dynamic integration, i.e., even with various radio standards it is possible to perform communication. The information after being processed by the Gateway is transmitted via IP to the server and made available to the TXROIP dispatch console.

The operation of the TXROIP dispatch console is performed through a touch screen interface, and presents a friendly screen, with icons, symbols, and colors, facilitating the visualization of the origin of the calls and the dispatch triggers, as well as facilitating specific configurations and adjustments.

It allows the management and control of communications, even with a single console. The design of the equipment is modern and takes into consideration the ergonomic characteristics of the operation centers. The connections with the peripherals are robust and secure.

Total solution

  • IP Communication
  • Integrated with multiple protocols
  • Supports multiple radio standards
  • Flexible architecture
  • Reporting and management
  • Radio and telephone interconnection
  • Interconnecting radios
  • Recording

Operational Management

The TXROIP console helps dispatchers securely manage communications between aircraft, ground crew, and maintenance, with one-touch integration.

  • Radio and telephone line dispatch
  • Integration of different radio technologies
  • Radio and telephone interconnection

System Migration

  • System Migration
  • Unifies digital and analog communication systems on the same platform
  • Facilitates migration between technologies
  • Totally expandable
  • 24/7 Support
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