Release 4.9

Release 4.9

Version 4.9 of the TXROIP system has been released with a number of improvements and new features.


The TXROIP System has gained a new microservice to allow integration to TRBONet Systems and thus communicate with MOTOTRBO radios.

The entire set of dispatch functionalities of the TXROIP System is available for this radio protocol.


The Hytera Integration Microservice has been expanded to allow the TXROIP System to connect to Hytera repeaters configured in XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunking) mode.

The voice communication groups defined in the radio infrastructure can be configured also in the TXROIP System, which also supports the following data operations: GPS; radio check; STUN and revive; call alert; remote monitoring; text messaging.


The DAMM infrastructure integration service now supports GPS (coming from the Tetraflex app and Tetra radios), as well as individual and group text messages (using Tetraflex app, Tetra radios and DMR radios).


The MovePTT app has received some new features. In the integration service with the MovePTT platform, the TXROIP system now receives GPS data, receives emergency mode notifications, performs radio check (check if user is online), and receives and sends call to everyone.


The WebApp now allows receiving and sending real-time voice communications between TXROIP System users. The text messaging and INTERCOM functionalities are accessible through the same communication component. It is possible to send and receive INTERCOMs sent to all users of the system (broadcast), as well as to make individualized communications. The communications sent are recorded in the conversation history for later replay.

Location history in WebApp

It is now possible to query the history of locations registered in the system through the WebApp. Several filters can be applied to find the records and identify where the terminals were at a given point in the timeline.

Improvements in scheduling phone contact statuses

The scheduling functionality for changing the status of telephone contacts has undergone a redesign to improve its usability, unifying the internal logics for executing schedules and also centralizing the point where schedules are registered in the WebApp.

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