Release 4.8

Release 4.8

Version 4.8 of the TXROIP system is now available. In addition to improvements and adjustments to the system, the new version has two main new features.

Operation of bridge groups in the console

Among the new features of the new version, we highlight the operation of Bridge groups in the Console. It is now possible to operate TXROIP Bridge Service groups as if it were a dispatch station like any other. The participants that are added to the group will be available in the Console transparently for the operator, making the operation of the system even more intuitive and easy.

Voice integration with DAMM repeaters

From version 4.8, the TXROIP system can connect to repeaters from the manufacturer DAMM and perform voice communications in TETRA and DMR protocols. With this, users of our system will have even more communication options and will be able to connect with other systems in an even easier way.

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