Release 4.9.1

Release 4.9.1

The 4.9.1 release of the TXROIP system is available bringing fixes and optimizations.Check below the main improvements of the current version.

Improved presentation of user information in reports

Treatment has been carried out to present the user's surname or full name (in this order), according to their registration, in reports and lists that contain this information. With this improvement, the system no longer displays the unknown user information at some specific times.

Improvement in the icon to mute INTERCOM conversations

For better usability of the system, the icon that is displayed in the actions of muting INTERCOM conversations has been changed, making the purpose of the button clearer.

Optimization of execution in environments with Hytera and MovePTT integration services running together.

Automatic conflict resolution identified in environments that had Hytera and MovePTT integration services running together, no longer requiring manual intervention to correct the inconsistency in new installations.

Optimization in transmission operation in Hytera XPT groups

In some situations, the system was performing less than optimal in transmission operations on Hytera XPT groups. The performance improvement allows transmissions to run more smoothly.

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