Release 4.10

Release 4.10

Version 4.10 of the TXROIP System brings new features in the integrations with ICOM and NXDN, and a new functionality in the WebApp that allows the creation and definition of fences and landmarks in the map module.

ICOM repeater monitoring

The ICOM integration service has gained the ability to monitor alarms issued by ICOM repeaters. It is possible to define the query interval and the severity of the alarms that will trigger system actions when they occur.

Along with the system upgrade, a service of installation and configuration of a customized dashboard for visualization of this data in Grafana can be offered.

DVSI device selection in NXDN and ICOM integration services

For environments where it is necessary to run both NXDN and ICOM integration services, an improvement has been made to the system that allows the selection of which DVSI vocoder will be used to encode and decode audio by each of the services.

USB-3003 devices generate one option in the selection list, while USB-3012 devices generate four options in the selection list.

Editing and viewing fences and landmarks in the WebApp

The visualization of fences and landmarks on the map is a very useful feature of the TXROIP Console, which allows the operator to visualize the different regions of interest to those using the system on the application map, as well as being able to receive alerts when certain terminals enter or leave the fences.

As of version 4.10, the creation and editing of fences and landmarks is done in the WebApp, by administrative users. The visualization of fences and landmarks remains as usual in the Console.

In addition, on all pages of the WebApp map module it is possible to view fences and landmarks.

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