Release 4.10.1

Release 4.10.1

The release 4.10.1 of the TXROIP system was released with improvements and new features. Check them out below.

Improvement in the presentation of historical data of users and terminals

Improvement in obtaining and presenting historical data from users and terminals has been implemented, causing the system to display the data according to the time the historical record was stored in the system.

Approval of the TETRA PEI protocol for TMOs

Homologation of the TETRA PEI (Peripheral Equipment Interface) protocol for TMO (Trunked Mode Operation) in the Remotatec Gateway.

Validation of behavior and receipt of GPS data using Motorola IMW service for P25 terminals.

Validation of the behavior and receipt of GPS location data on P25 radios from the use of the Motorola IMW (Intelligent Middleware) service. Added additional logging to facilitate future diagnostics.

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